Gin + Lychee in Green Tea


Gin + Lychee in Green Tea. Vol: ≥ 170ml. ABV: ± 10%.

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This item: Gin + Lychee in Green Tea
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Gin + Lychee in Green Tea is a delightful convenient cocktail. It is a refreshing concoction that brings together the botanical essence of gin, the earthy notes of green tea, and the sweet, tropical flavor of lychee. This cocktail harmoniously blends various elements to create a unique and memorable drinking experience.

This convenient cocktail  offers a balanced medley of flavors. The gin contributes its characteristic botanical notes, which might include juniper, citrus, and various herbs and spices. The green tea introduces a slightly earthy and slightly astringent undertone, complementing the gin’s botanicals. The sweetness of the lychee adds a tropical and fruity dimension to the drink, providing a pleasant contrast to the other ingredients. The overall taste is both refreshing and sophisticated, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a unique and flavorful cocktail experience.

Whether enjoyed on a warm summer afternoon or as a stylish evening refreshment, the Gin + Lychee in Green Tea cocktail offers a well-balanced fusion of flavors that can appeal to a wide range of palates.

Storage & Shelf Life

Unless opened, our drinks stay perfectly good in cool, dry, room temperature areas, away from direct sunlight to maintain freshness for up to 90 days. This premixed and ready – to – drink  Gin in Green Tea + Lychee of 170ml with ± 10% alcohol – by – volume (ABV), is best consumed chill, and well-shaken. Once opened, keep it refrigerated below 5° C, and consume within 14 days.

Alcohol does not expire. Nonetheless, we have indicated a “best before” date on the cap of each and every bottle to indicate its freshness. After the “best before” date, you may not be able to enjoy the drink as sangria or cocktail. You may taste it as just another alcoholic beverage. Over time, alcohol ferments the premixed concoction further.


Volume: ≥ 170 ml.

Alcohol – by – volume: ± 0.10 (10%)

Weight: 0.5 kg.

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 4.0 x 8.0 x 16 cm.

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